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Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC Baltimore)

 I have had the absolute privilege of engaging Rita for several projects this past year. Rita has the rare gift of being able to digest a lot of information from a variety of sources and shape and distill in such a way that it is clear, compelling and accessible to the reader. She is a delight to work with. I recommend her services without hesitation. -- Mike Henderson, President and CEO 

Indiana Alumni Magazine

 I hired Rita as assistant editor and advertising manager for the Indiana Alumni Magazine. She was an exemplary employee, with excellent editing and writing skills, and she forged links with new advertisers. She is intelligent, hard-working, creative, and flexible. Her broad education, varied interests, and solid research skills qualify her to write on a variety of subjects. I recommend her highly.  --Judith Schroeder, former Editor and Vice President of Communication, Indiana University Alumni 

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Elmhurst College

 Rita delivers well researched and well-written stories on time. She is a versatile writer who is able to handle a range of assignments. And she is willing to go  the extra mile to make changes or do additional reporting if needed. --Judith Crown, former Editorial Director, Electronic and Print Media, Office of Communications and Public Affairs 

Rand McNally

 Rita understands exactly what the job requires and submits her work on time. You can expect quality output that doesn't require heavy editing. Rita makes my job easier! --Nathalie Strassheim, former Lead Editor, Road Atlas 


When I need quick turnaround on an interesting story, I know Rita will will deliver it clean, concise and correct. She is truly an editorial partner and I am thrilled that she is on my team! -- Carey Rossie, former Editor, Family and Life

Reader Reaction to Rita's Work

Reaction to "Young Many, Examine Thyself!," for Costco Connection

Big results from my story on testicular cancer awareness. Here's what Matt Ferstler, CEO of the Testicular Cancer Foundation wrote on his non-profit's website:  

We love Costco! And not just for their super-sized cartons of toilet paper or cheese puffs! We love them for their incredible story about testicular cancer and our cause in the April edition of their magazine, Costco Connection. With a distribution of over 8 million (and that's just printed copies!) we couldn't ask for more wonderful coverage!   

One of our awesome "moms" - Tracy Grist - was also featured in the article. As always, the words of a mother or father are a powerful testimony to the importance of monthly self-exams.    

And our offices have been flooded (in a good way!) with over 1,000 requests for shower cards and brochures as a result of the story! How great is that? Thanks Costco - for helping us spread our life-saving message!  

Praise for When Arthritis Strikes the Young, for Costco Connection

  Thank you so much for your recent article on juvenile [idiopathic] arthritis (JIA) My son (now 9) was diagnosed with JIA when he was only 3 years old. I, like many other people, had no idea that children were susceptible to arthritis. Thankfully, we have a fantastic support team consisting of a pediatric rheumatologist, pediatric ophthalmologist, and a local chapter of the Arthritis Foundaion. 

 Although my son is doing very well right now, arthritis is a sneaky disease that always keeps us on our toes. As his mother, I will always be an outspoken advocate for my child and the hundreds of thousands of other children with JIA. Thank you for helping to raise awareness that kids get arthritis, too! --Costco Member, Megan C., Portland, Oregon     

A Reader Relates to Hear, There and Everywhere!, for Costco Connection

I enjoyed reading the very instructive article by Rita Colorito. As we age, and our hearing loss progresses due to the aging process, it behooves everyone to learn how to speak to those of us who are hard of hearing. I cannot tell you how many times I have to ask a sepeak to speak directly into the microphone, instead of turning from side to side, or how often I have to ask physicians, nurses or technicians to please speak directly to me rather than facing a computer or looking down at a chart while talking to me. And, don’t yell, that only makes matters worse! Speak more clearly and more distinctly.  --Costco Member, Sara K., Lake Worth, Florida

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